Senior Account Manager – Construction

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Construction and Real Estate

We are looking for a driven, ambitious individual with strong leadership qualities to join our Construction team in a senior role.

Job description

Manage & Execute All Client Project Requests for Assigned Book of Accounts

  • Act as primary client contact in coordination with the Producer or Account Executive
  • Own and be responsible for meeting or exceeding client expectations of PLATFORM
  • Review client bid specifications, determine and execute requests:
  • Ensure client has the requested documents ahead of tender deadlines
  • Ensure & verify accuracy and completeness of all work prepared by the Account Associate


Manage and Perpetuate (Renew) a Book of Defined Accounts

  1. Assume primary account responsibility for an agreed book of accounts
  2. Coordinating with the Account Executive, agree and determine a renewal strategy 4 months ahead expiration
  3. Lead the brokering process for renewals and seek input and assistance from the Account Executive where required
    1. Ensure all ‘relevant’ markets are approached in a timely fashion (90 days prior to renewal)
  4. Ensure renewal terms are secured and prepare renewal proposal at least 30 days prior to expiry
  5. Coordinate the issuance binders and invoices on the earlier of the renewal date or 5 days after receiving the client’s instruction to proceed
    1. Ensure finance terms have been furnished with every quote
    2. Ensure a payment schedule and understanding has been secured from the client
  6. Coordinate the issuance and delivery of renewal certificates, ‘pink cards’, premium finance contracts, and all other relevant/required documentation within 5 days of renewal order
  7. Ensure all policy documents and terms are consistent with the binder
    1. Secure corrections and amendments where necessary, collaborate with the Account Executive
    2. Ensure all policy documents are forwarded to the client within 20 days of receipt
  8. Ensure and verify that all correspondence, communication, ‘client activities’, policy documents, endorsements, applications and instructions are recorded in Epic as per Platform procedures.
  9. Listen to client needs and issues
    1. Respond to those needs directly where possible
    2. Cross sell and penetrate additional business where possible


Manage and Assume New Accounts

  • As per 2 above and when new account information is secured by the Account Executive
  • When BORs are obtained, ensure they are promptly filed with the appropriate insurer
  • Seek and secure prior loss information and coverage detail & terms and copies of policy documents & applications
  • Ensure your RIBO licensing and continuing education are up to date and compliant at all times
  • Perform 1 (one) lunch and learn for RIBO credit on an area of expertise or interest to you
  • Be an ambassador for Platform by promoting the firm both internally and externally
  • Participate and contribute to Platform meetings, committees and events.


Leadership & Team Management

  • Identify new and current personnel opportunities and challenges
  • Identify and pursue new hiring opportunities, including presentation of business plans and potential candidates to direct manager
  • Manage day-to-day operational efficiency of the Insurance administrative team
  • Delegate administrative tasks, as required, which can be more efficiently handled by other team members
  • Recommend, analyze, and lead new operational initiatives to increase team efficiency, enhance Platform brand, promote growth and career development opportunities

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